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Life Coaching Services

Personal Relationships, Finance, Health and Wellness

Our Life Coaching process involves four steps:

An Orientation process to determine your goals and development of a LifePlan to achieve your goalsDevelopment of a Relationship Plan to meet your relationship objectivesDevelopment of a Financial Plan to achieve your Financial GoalsA Health and Wellness Plan

Orientation Section

Goals setting process to determine your initial personal goals and dreamsSelf assessment and gap analysis to develop your goals and steps neededDevelop a LifePlan to achieve your Relationships, Money, and Health goals

Relationships Goals

Help you create a Relationship Plan to find and develop strong personal relationships

Financial Goals

We offer a low cost automated investment system through which clients are invested in a range of investment strategies.

The system includes an online questionnaire that helps us to determine a client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance, and select an appropriate investment strategy and portfolio.

The system also includes an automated investment engine through which we manage client portfolios on an ongoing basis through automatic rebalancing.

Health and Wellness Goals

Help you create a Health Plan to reach your health goals