The Doctrine for Living Your Life below contains the 14 guiding principles that form the foundation of our life. It’s very important that you frequently read them, accept them, and embrace them in your life. By doing so, your life will begin to take on a new dimension that will give you increased peacefulness and happiness. These are very powerful affirmations and they will change your life.

The Doctrine for Living Your Life

These 14 guiding principles form the foundation of our life

Treatment of self
1. I am a very special person with talents and abilities to do great things
2. I am responsible for taking care of my mind, my body, and my spiritual well being
Treatment of others
3. I will listen to others to hear and to understand their feelings, fears, and dreams
4. I will treat others as I want to be treated
Acceptance of others
5. I will accept others in the way that I have learned to accept myself
6. I will develop my abilities to understand others and to accept them for who they are
Expectations of self
7. I will set an expectation of myself that will move me from where I am to where I want to be
Pursuit of goals and self-expression
8. I will set goals to help me to grow and to develop in a way that benefits myself and others
9. I will seek purpose and mission in my life
Seeking of truth and knowledge
10. I will strive to keep an open mind as I seek truth and understanding in the world and in others
Acceptance of a Supreme Being
11. I believe in a Supreme Being who cares about us
12. I will take time each day to connect with this higher self to learn and grow
Willingness to give back to others
13. I will help others to achieve their highest level of development and growth
Willingness to share knowledge and experience
14. I will share my knowledge and experience for the good of others and myself